Drink in a Minute - Honey Mint Cucumber Lime Cooler

Learn how to make a delicious drink in one minute, with your host Tyler Hollinger!  

Rainbow Run Farms - NCHA Horse Cutting

A promo video created for Rainbow Run Farms, a premiere East Coast location for the sport of Horse Cutting!

2013 Hyundai Genesis

An overview of the Hyundai Genesis.

Sentry Centers NY INC Magazine

Inc Magazine did an article for the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 featuring Chris Kelly from Sentry Centers, this is the short form piece crafted for his company.

A Look at the 2013 Hyundai Equus

An overview of the luxurious Hyundai Equus for Brad Benson Hyundai in Monmouth Jct., New Jersey.

Rainbow Run Farms - Premium Hay Supplier

 Artisan farm promo.

Drink in a Minute - How to make a Basil Peach Bellini - BrunchCritic

Want a drink?  One minute of your time please...

Amy Lynn & The Gunshow - Don't Trip On The Glitter

Torae - That Raw (Official Music Video)

Shot on location in Jersey City and Newark, NJ.

Amy Lynn & The Gunshow - Clearly It's Me

A backyard wedding, a cake fight, backflips...

Brown Bag AllStars - Got It All (DJ Brace Remix) [Official Video]

Shot on location in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and Harrison, NJ.

Soul Khan - Speeding Bullets (Official Video)

Featured on MTV networks.

Koncept "Aspirations" featuring Soul Khan (prod by J57) (Official Video)

Featured on MTV Networks. (Special cameo by director's grandfather-in-law, 'Papito')

The Delfields - Ogres

Filmed entirely in stop-motion and time-lapse.  We incorporated the art of Poi performed by DoP Will Kaufman's wife.

Koncept - Getting Home

Shot in one day in the woods on a shoestring budget this video highlights our ability to create simple beauty with mundane things.  Creature by Director Brian Robinson's wife.

Aabaraki - DANCEshee

Cops changed the face of reality television forever, now it comes full circle in this fun romp of channel surfing with Aabaraki.

Soul Khan - Alec Baldwin

Soul Khan puts his past to bed.

The Delfields - Le Ciel

What if we could rewind and take it all back, would we?  Should we?

Ray Perez - Seperados

What is left after someone loses their family?

PowHERful Conference Sizzle 2013

Google and Credit Suisse host Soledad O'Brien's day of enrichment and empowerment for under privileged young women.

Antonin The Eclectician

Created for the International Documentary Film Challenge, this short profiles "Antonin The Eclectician"

Reason Modern Furniture | Artisan Ep. 9 | COIN

Shot and styled for Relativity Media/Google, this original series profiles the world of entrepreneurs, this episode features a Williamsburg based furniture maker.

Blake Morgan | A Conversation | COIN

Shot on location at Gibson Guitar Showroom in NYC, Relativity Media/Google sits down with artist Blake Morgan, the Founder and CEO of ECR Music Group.

The Road to "Rock of Ages" | Ep. 3 Rock on Broadway | COIN

Relativity Media/Google peel back the curtain in this eye-opening behind-the-scenes look at the Broadway sensation "Rock of Ages".

Peartree Preschool | Best & Brightest Ep. 9 | COIN

A woman's dream becomes a reality in this new premiere Preschool for exceptional children.

Miranda Cosgrove Area Codes - VEVO

Crafted for Vevo.

David Cook Area Codes - VEVO

Put together for Vevo.

Soul Khan Live From Brooklyn

At the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg?, we primarily shot this on Canon DSLRs to combat the low light of the venue.

Parkour Playhouse - Crash Tour Austin, TX Part 1

Take a trip with the world's best Parkour Athletes to Austin, Texas!

Parkour Playhouse - Crash Tour Houston, TX - NCAA Final Four Halftime Performance - Part 1

On the road to the final four for their NCAA halftime performance the elite Parkour team representing the WFPF has a day off to play!

Parkour Playhouse - CRASH TOUR - Detroit AOM - Part 1

The WFPF's top Parkour Athletes travel to Detroit to showcase their skills in the upcoming Art of Motion.  Soundtrack by J57.

DEAD SPACE: Chase to Death Live Action Video Game Trailer

A live action short developed by Z productions for the hit game Dead Space, art by Jon Schroder, Sound Design by WDK Films.

Mixtape Comedy Show - Hailey Boyle, Pt. 2

Mixtape Comedy Show - Grand Puba

Cover up - Episode III

Tonic Clonic

Sick and Tired Short Form