When I started WRK Media ten years ago I knew I wanted to tell stories, to make moving pictures, to improve my visual storytelling skills, and most of all to connect people and ideas.  I'm always striving to give both clients and audiences that positive, memorable, and engaging experience.

Today we celebrate ten years of business as a result of a lot of people's hard work, and as we continue to grow I want to thank you for being a part of that growth.  By allowing us the opportunity to work together you make the dream possible.

Since the dawn of man storytelling has brought people together, and today there are so many ways to tell your story.  As part of our commitment to always be on the cutting edge we now offer VR.  This new technology is an opportunity to add to the storytelling experience and I look forward to showing you what's possible.

Looking forward,

Will Kaufman, CEO









"The experience of bringing people together and problem solving as a team is a big part of the draw for me.  Combine that with the reward of sharing that experience with the audience and you have something beautiful."


From left to right, CJ Pelosi, Will Kaufman, Ben Schwartz, Nick Hernandez, and Mike Gomes.  Photo by Kurt James Brennan.